• SM-250SM-250
  • TL-2000TL-2000
  • model-1332Bmodel-1332B
  • model-1422Amodel-1422A
  • model-1022Amodel-1022A
  • model-2502model-2502
  • model-6601model-SPK004A-J
  • model-SPK004A-Jmodel-SPK004A-J
  • CEP-25RRCEP-25RR
  • CEP-2000CEP-2000
  • BQE-100BQE-100

About Us

SUNTEK was born with a vision.

Suntek Services is the supplier and service provider for speciality instruments. It was started with a vision to expand the present horizon of Anatek Services by offering specialised instrumentation such as: Ultra fast HPLC, Solar PV cell and panels, Thermo Luminescence (TL) measuring system, and Portable vibration tester, Spark monitoring system for DC motor & calibration meters.

Suntek Services started promoting equipments for measurement of renewable energy – solar PV cell and panels, which is an emerging field to tap an alternative source of power. Scientists across the country are effectively working on development of efficient solar cells & panels and storage devices for solar energy.

Ever since the inception, the company has grown remarkably with overwhelming response from Govt. Institutions, Universities and Industries for these specialised instruments. Suntek Services maintain the same standard of excellence in providing prompt & reliable technical services to their customers across country.

Today our country is striving for new research areas; and with our customer centric approach, we are providing new generation instruments to our researchers’ and scientists in the country.

Our activities started with world’s leading manufacturer of Smart HPLC, M/s GL Sciences Inc., Japan and another renowned manufacturer of Solar Simulator and Spectral Response measuring instrument, M/s. BUNKOUKEIKI Co. Ltd, Japan alongside other Japanese manufacturers who are mainly into TL Radiation measuring & Vibration measuring portable instrumentation.

Suntek Services is managed by a team of highly dedicated and professionally trained technical personnel. We continuously strive to exceed expectations by providing superior services to our customers.  

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