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Thermo Luminescence Measuring Device

Thermo Luminescence Measuring Device

TL - 2000

Thermo-luminescence measuring device (TL-2000) detects a small amount of TL materials present in radiated food such as spice, herb, and dehydrated vegetable. This device is controlled by a separate computer so it is superior in operation. In addition to detection of TL material, it is use for the generation measurement and analysis of TL material.

Salient Features:

  1. Conforming to the European Standard EN 1788.
  2. 1 deg. C / 1 ch data sampling.
  3. The application software specialized for food irradiation.
  4. Heating temperature capability up to 490 degrees C.
  5. Heater temperature displayed on the screen.
  6. Reader stability secured by reference light source.
  7. A thin flat heater and extremely thin thermocouple for best temperature reproducibility.

Specification of the Model TL-2000

  1. Heater Ceramic flat heater
  2. Max. temperature 490 degree Celsius.
  3. Heat Profiles Selection of 1 to 7 pre-defined heat profiles (Change of Internal setting is required for heating speed change)
  4. Display Real time display of the glow curve and the temperature.
  5. Sampling channel 500ch (Sampling time changes according to the measuring range)
  6. Size Approx. 400W*350D*170H
  7. Weight Approx. 15kg
  8. Capacity AC 230V 300VA 50/60 Hz
  9. Data output csv. files.

The above figure is an example of the one of the displays of the TL-2000 system after measurement. You can select 3 regions as ROI (region of interest).

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