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Gas Chromatography System

Gas Chromatograph GC4000 is capable of detecting wide variety of compounds. GC4000 can be customized to meet your needs by choosing detectors and injectors. 3 kinds of detectors (FID, TDC, PDD*1) and 4 kinds of Injectors (Direct Injector, Split / Splitless Injector, Direct Injector with septum purge, Insert Injector) are available.

Standard System (Combinations of the Injectors and Detector)

GC-4000 DDT Direct Injector×2,TCD
GC-4000 DDF(F) Direct Injector×2, Differential FID
GC-4000 DDTF(F) Direct Injector×2, TCD, Differential FID
GC-4000 DSF Direct Injector×1, Split/Splitless Injector, Single FID
GC-4000 DSTF Direct Injector×1, Split/Splitless Injector, TCD, Single FID
GC-4000 SF Split/Splitless Injector×1, Single FID
GC-4000 WF Direct Injector with Septum Purge×1, Single FID
GC-4000 IF Insert Injector×1, Single FID
GC-4000 S-D2 <*1> Split / Splitless Injector, PDD

Column Oven

Type Forced circulation isothermal air oven
Dimensions 250(W)×160(D)×250(H)mm
Temperature Range from Room Temperature+5ºC to 450ºC (inlet & detector at 300ºC)
*Use cooling unit when the required temperature is below Room Temperature+5ºC
Temperature Coefficient Less than 0.01ºC/ºC (Room Temperature 10-30ºC)
Temperature Accuracy Setting Temperature (Absolute Temperature)±1%
Temperature Deviation Within±1% (Coil Diameter 170mm, at 150ºC)
Overheating Prevention 1. Controlled below the highest temperature set in advance. (within the range of 80-450ºC)
2. Observation circuit with the temperature sensor (Observing temperature fixed at approx. 500ºC)

Temperature Program

Rising Levels 5 levels
Temperature Setting within the range from -50ºC to 450ºC (increment of 1ºC)
Programming Time 650 min(total of the whole process)
Temperature Rise Set within the range of 0-99.9ºC/min (adjustable by increment of 0.1ºC/min)
Program File Number 30


Electric Source AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
20A(SF) - 23A(DDTF(F))*
Dimensions Approx. 562(W)×520(D)×450(H)mm
Weights Approx. 46kg(DSF)
*Electric sources vary depending on the combination of the inlets and detectors. Please contact GL Sciences for the details.


Temperature Range from Room temperature to 450ºC (adjustable setting by increment of 1ºC)
Overheating Prevention Controlled below the highest temperature set in advance. (within the range of 80 to 450ºC)
Injector Types For Packed Column : Direct Injector→D
For Capillary Column : Split/Splitless Injector→S
For Wide Bore Column : Direct Injector with Septum Purge→W
For Packed Column : Insert Injector→I

Carrier Gas Flow Control

Type Manaul Setting of Mechanical Valve
Primary Pressure Control Pressure Adjuster (Note : this is not a Pressure Indicator)
Column Flow Volume Control For Packed column : Flow Volume Control by Flow Control Valve
For Capillary Column : Pressure Control at the Column Inlet by Back-Pressure Control
For Wide Bore Column : Flow Volume Control by Flow Control Valve
Septum Purge Flow Volume Flow Volume Control by Flow Control Valve

Flame Ionization Detector (FID)

Type Voltage applied to nozzle
Sensitivity 0.01 Coulomb/g (Cumene)
Minimum Detecting Volume 2.5 x 10-12gC/s (Octane)
Highest Usable Temperature 450 °C
Overheating Prevention Observation at the highest temperature (80 - 450 °C)
Range 100, 101, 102, 103, 104
Dynamic Range 107

Thermal Conductivity Detector(TCD)

Cell Type Distribution Type
Element Rhenium Tungsten Filament(110Ω , 4 element)
Temperature from Room temperature to 350ºC
Overheating Prevention Controlled below the highest temperature set in advance.(within the range of 80 to 350ºC)
Control Type Standard provision (x10 amplifier)
Current Setting 0 to 200mA (with electricity overflow prevention)

Pulse Discharge Detector(PDD) *1

Sensitivity 10 x Range : 1.0 V/nA
1 x Range : 0.1 V/nA
Range 10 x : 10 nA full scale
1 x : 100 nA full scale
Temperature 400 °C
Dimension 200(W) x 300(D) x 120(H) mm (Projections exclude)
Weights Approx. 3.1 kg
*1 Only avaialble for system GC.