HPLC Column

Hi-Q-Sil HPLC column is very famous brand of Sun International Co. Ltd Japan. Hi Q Sil columns are packed with ultra pure silica gel. After binding ODS, the residual silanol are highly end-capped which performs high resolution and superior retention. This column shows high reproducibility at low pressure range and achieves efficient, reproducible results for acidic, basic compounds and peptides.

1. 99.999% ultra pure silica.

2. Efficient bonding, endcaping for the elimination of harmful silane residue to allow maximum inertness to both acidic and basic samples.

3. Highly efficient packing for excellent reproducibility.

4. Optimum carbon loading for excellent separation.

5. Very high plate count.

6. All columns are manufactured and tested under GLP/GMP condition and all column are validated and supported with individual test certificate.

7. Dynamic Rang of pH (1.5-9pH Range)