Current Voltage Measurement Solar Simulators

Irradiation of pseudo sun

The Model OTENTO-SUN II Solar Simulator employing the Xenon lamp and AM1.5G filter irradiates pseudo solar light on the sample such as a solar cell to evaluate its characteristics. The Model OTENTO-SUN Ⅱ conforms to the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS ) and is ranked into Class AAA which is the best according to the classifications of grades in JIS.

Optional filters are set on the Model OTENTO-SUN Ⅱ, which can beused for the following purpose.

1. Linearity of the light intensity of the sample when using the ND filter

2. Irradiation of monochromatic light by the color filter

This model is superior in stability of light intensity with the feedback system monitoring it in a real time employing a constant irradiation power supply.


Irradiation intensity 100mW/cm2(1SUN)
Irradiation area 20mm x 20mm
Spectral coincidence 0.75 ~ 1.25 *
Positional non-uniformity within ±2%* Of irradiance
Temporal instability within ±1%/h* of irradiance
Irradiation direction vertical and horizontal (switching)
Filter holder 50mm x 50mm
( simultaneous mount of 4 filters is possible )
*The specifications satisfy those for Grade A stipulated in JIS C8912 and C8933.
Light intensity adjustment: Si photo diode for adjustment detector for 1SUN (BS-500BK and BS-520BK) Filter: ND filters and color filters Measurement system: I-V measurement system
*Specifications and appearance of the system are subject to change without prior notices.

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