Current Voltage Measurement Solar Simulators

OTENTO-SUN III Solar Simulator

The Model OTENTO-SUN III Solar Simulator employing the Xenon lamp and AM1.5G filter irradiates pseudo solar light on the sample such as a solar cell to evaluate its characteristics. The Model OTENTO-SUN III is classified as Class AAA by conforming to the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS C8912 and C8933.

Optional filters are set on the Model OTENTO-SUN III, which can be used for the following purpose:

1. Measurement of linearity of the light intensity of the sample using the ND filter

2. Irradiation of monochromatic light using the color filters


Irradiation intensity 100mW/cm2 (1SUN)
Irradiation area 20mm x 20mm
Spectral match 0.75 ~ 1.25 *Class A(JIS C8912 and C8933)
Irradiation direction Vertical and horizontal (360° variable angle)

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