Current Voltage Measurement Solar Simulators
Multifunction Solar Simulator

I-V measurement of solar cells with variable light intensity

Continuous I-V measurement with automatic adjustment of irradiance from 10 ~ 200 W/cm-2 by PC

Ideal for evaluation of dependence of the solar cells on light intensity


( simultaneous mount of 4 filters is possible )
*The specifications satisfy those for Grade A stipulated in JIS C8912 and
Light source Xe lamp 300W (air cooled)
Irradiation intensity 10~200mW/cm2 (2SUN)
Irradiation area 20mm×20mm
Spectral coincidence JIS Class A (0.75~1.25)
Positional non-uniformity of irradiance JIS Class A (≤±2%)
Temporal instability of irradiance JIS Class A (≤±1%;)

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