Desktop Spectral Response IPCE Measurement System

SM-250 Hyper Monolight System: For Dye Sensitized and Organic Thin Film

The current value of the sample is measured based on the measurement of the irradiation intensity (mW/cm2) at each wavelength of the valuated Si photodiode, Using our dedicated software, spectral response or quantum efficiency of the various solar cells and opto-electronic devices are automatically displayed. Our unique xenon lamp optics and high efficient monochromator is capable to offer high intensity monochromatic light irradiation (5mW/cm2). The SM-250 is the model suitable for measurement of the organic solar cells (dye sensitized/organic thin film solar cells ).


Wavelength range 300-1150nm (optionally extended up to 2000nm)
Irradiation area 10x10mm Wavelength purity Variable, ca.24nm
Irradiation intensity More than 5mW/cm2 (around 470nm)
Irradiation direction Vertical, Horizontal (variable, 360゚)

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