Spectral Response Measurement System

Model BQE-100 Spectral Response/Quantum Efficiency Measurement

1. Spectral Response and Quantum Efficiency Measurement System conforming to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)

2. Automatic calculation of short-circuit current density ( Jsc )

3. Capable to measure spectral response while applying bias voltage

4. Low-cost compact design employing unique optics while maintaining excellent performance


Measurement mode Spectral Response/Quantum Efficiency Measurement
Wavelength range 300~1100nm
Wavelength purity Approx. 20nm
Irradiation area 10mm x 10mm
Irradiation intensity More than 100μW/cm2 (around 470nm)
Current acquisition DC 10pA~1A *AC is available as an option
Voltage source 0~±20V
Light intensity detector Si-PD supplied with calibration data for spectral response
Xenon lamp 150W Ozone free type Lamp
Software Display of light intensity, spectral response and quantum efficiency
Calculation of short-circuit current density(Jsc=mA/cm2)OS: Windows 7

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