Spectral Response Measurement System

CEP-2000 Spectral Response & Quantum Efficiency Measurement System : For Dye Sensitized & Organic Thin Film Cells

The Model CEP-2000 is capable to measure the spectral response and quantum efficiency of the organic solar cell which requires much stronger constant energy (max.5mW/cm2) and constant photons (max. 1016 photon/cm2) by irradiating monochromatic light to a solar cell compared with that of silicon cells.

A white bias light source is available as a standard which enables the user to measure the I-V curve with the AM-1.5G filter as a solar simulator easily under the pseudo sunlight.


Wavelength range 300 ~ 1200nm
Irradiation area 10 x 10 mm (Monochromatic light)
20 x 20mm (white light bias)
Irradiation intensity 0.1~ 1mW/cm2 (300 ~ 1200nm)
0.5~ 5mW/cm2 (400 ~ 700nm)

Spectral Response Measurement System

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