Spectral Response Measurement System

CEP-25ML Spectral Response Measurement System; for Multi junction and CIGS Solar Cells

A color bias light source is employed in the Model CEP-25ML system for the measurement of the multi junction solar cells. The system employs a white bias light source as a standard and it is capable to measure the I-V curve with the AM-1.5G filter as a solar simulator easily in addition to spectral response measurement under the pseudo sunlight.


Wavelength range 300~1700nm (Extended up to 2000nm) optional
Irradiation area 20mm×20mm (50x50mm is option)
Irradiation intensity 5~50μW/cm2 (350~1200nm)
Spectral Match Class A (0.75 ~ 1.25)

Spectral Response Measurement System

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