Spectral Response Measurement System

CEP-25RR Spectral Response with Reflectivity and Internal Quantum Efficiency Measurement

The model CEP-25RR is capable to measure not only spectral response but also reflectivity from which internal quantum efficiency can be obtained. The same surface area on the sample can be measured in spectral response and reflectivity measurement using the same light. Our real time feedback system is enabled to eliminate the fluctuation of intensity of the light on each wavelength and offer the reliable spectral response measurement. A white bias light equipped as standard enable the users to perform I-V measurement with ease.


Wavelength range 300~1700nm (Extended up to 2000nm) optional
Irradiation area 20×20mm
Irradiation intensity 5~50μW/cm2 (350~1200nm)
Reflectivity measurement Integrating sphere method
Spectral Match Class A (0.75 ~ 1.25)

Spectral Response Measurement System

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