Gas Chromatograph

GC9720 Plus

1) Most Aadvanced GC from Fuli

2) Reliable Data and Stable performance.

3) Revolutional technology brought by AFC.

4) Multi Valve and Multi column switch.

5) Dean Switch Technology used to controlled by EPC.

6) Outstanding GC workstation and available with cloud system.

7) Flash Evaporation and high pressure liquid injection valve technology.

8) Compatible with GLP, GMP FDA 21 CFR compliance software.

GC9790 Plus

1) Most widely used Gc from Fuli.

2) Remarkable gas Circuit flow (EPC/AFC)technology, improved separations and analysis ability.

3) Multifunction injection include packed as well split.splitless.

4) Multi-Detector with high sensitivity.

5) A variety of sample technique, to cope with complicated sample analysis e.g Autosampler.Headspace and Valve injections

6) Compatible with GLP FDA 21 CFR compliance software.

GC9790 II

1) PCM Control module much precise with AFC system.

2) Dual gas circuit system,can support two kind of injector i.e packed and split/splitless.

3) Multi-detector with great sensitivity.

4) Outstanding qualitative repeatability.

5) Outstanding data processing system, guarentees data satabilty and work simplification.