Vibro Switch
Model - 1500A

1. Compact design, low price and accurate vibration monitoring at 2 upper limits.

2. Vibration modes for acceleration, velocity and displacement are selectable with internal switch.

3. Drip-proof aluminium housing connectable with flexible conduits.

4. Alarm level setting at a step of 1% from 1 to 99% with internal digital switch

5. Two differenct alarming steps, one for self-holding operation and the other for automatic resetting operation are provided.

6. Alarm delay of up to 60 seconds can be set to prevent misfunction.

7. Low power consumption of 12mA(Typ) at 24V DC.

8. Usable for monitoring vibrations in motors, fans, piping,etc.


Alarm setting range: (Select 1,2 or 3.) 1. Acceleration1-99m/s2(Peak)
2. Velocity1-99mm/s(Peak)
3. Displacement0.01-0.99mm(P-P)
Flequency range 10-500Hz(±10%)
Accuracy Within 5% (at 25°C,80Hz,10m/s2 measurement of sinusoidal wave )
Linearity Within 1% of full scale
Driving power supply AC or DC100-220V(less than 10VA)
Relay operation Delay 0 to 60 sec variable Self-holding operation and automatic
resetting operation , make contact by solid state relay.
(Resetting by turning off driving power supply) Contact rating AC/DC 125V,0.5A Acceleration…EQ
Peak Velocity…True RMS Displacement…EQ P-P
Housing construction The pressure and explosion-proof construction Ex dII BT6 (Certificate No.C12041)
Vibration resistance Sensor:10G for vibration, 100G for shock Amplifier:2G for vibration, 30G for shock
Dielectric strength Operation 0°C-50°C Warehouse -20°C-+70°C