2 Wives Vibro Converter
Model - 2502


1. Three types; measurements for displacement, velocity and acceleration.

2. As output is 4 to 20mA, it is possible to connect to recorder, indicator and sequential circuit directly.

3. Small size! light weight! low price! All in one type for sensor, amplifier and transmitter.

4. It is only double lines type, joined together for both lines, power supply and signal.


1. For simple vibration monitoring system with low cost.

2. As for assembling into the electric motors, blowers, pumps and the other various rotating machines.

3. As the vibration sensor in the automatic inspection system.

4. As for the simple type vibration meter.

5. For trend recording of vibration level.


Model 2502-03 2502-03 2502-01
Type Displacement Velocity Acceleration
Full scale range 200μmP-P 50mm/sRMS 100m/s2Peak
Measuring range 1%-110% of Full scale
Output current 4 to 20mA/0 to FS
Frequency range 10-500Hz 10-1000Hz 5-1000Hz
Linearity Within 1%
Accuracy Within 5% (80Hz,1/2 Full scale,20°C)
Transverse sensitivity Less than 5%
Driving voltage 9-28V DC
Warming up time 10sec. approx
Ambient temperature -20°C to +60°C
Protection IP64
Vibration limit 200m/s2 for continuous 1000m/s2 for shock
Resonant frequency 5kHz approx
Withstand voltage AC1500V 1minute
Output cable 3m pig tale (VCTF2×0.75mm2)
Dimensions f45×H45mm
Weight 105g without cable
Accessories Setscrew M6 lengh=10
Option Digital monitor 2590
Mouning base